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Additional information on products may be found in our downloadable PDF catalog.

Part No.   Name and Description
440-065   Electronic Transistorized Ignition Module
NOVA II - Transistorized ignition module. Operates well in any weather conditions & completely waterproof. Highly reliable / durable construction / high performance. Anti-kickback system / die cast aluminum housing. Widely used in 2 and 4 cycle gas engines. Suitable for 2 leg & 3 leg ignition coils in single cylinder engines. Not recommended for use on engines equipped with battery ignition or flywheels with multiple magnets. (INSTRUCTION SHEET INCLUDED)
440-205   Green Atom Ignition
Green Mini-tron - Fits all single cylinder Briggs and Stratton engines as used in Lawnmowers, cultivators, pumps, generators, snowblowers, Ride-on Mowers, compact garden tractors, etc. Also replaces magnetron transistor ignition. For more information see our PDF catalogue, under "Electrical Ignition" - page 24-03. (While Quantities Last).
440-216   Ignition Module
Briggs and Stratton Electronic - Fits all engines since 1983 with 2 leg coils except 9, 10 and 16 Hp cast iron engines or twin cylinder engines. Fits our 460-006, 460-014 and 460-030 coils. (While Quantities Last)
440-034   Ignition Module
Ignition Module - New Style Single Terminal Electronic. This module comes in a metal case. Complete with instruction sheet, and fasteners. For use on Chain Saws, Brush Cutters, String-Trimmers and Hedge Trimmers that have had mechanical points originally. Note: This module can also be used on John Deere / Kawasaki equipped engines as an Igniter KHI engine trigger.
Purple Atom Ignition. Purple Mini-tron - Fits Outboard motors with fixed ignition timing. (One module per cylinder). For more information see our PDF catalogue, under "Electrical Ignition" - page 24-03. NOTE: WE STILL HAVE PART# 440-215 (AM215) STILL AVAILABLE - (While Quantities Last).